Web design, since its inception has greatly revolutionized today’s businesses and the way goods and services are represented by various brands. Small businesses now stand a competitive chance in a global market due to the advantages that web design brings to business. So why is web design important for business?

Web design provides an all inclusive form of marketing and public engagement that allows potential clients to find your business from anywhere in the world. In building an effective website attention should be paid to usability, conventional layouts, ergonomics, navigation specifics, content, and SEO, keeping in mind that certain visuals attract the curiosity and interest of customers.

The importance of web design for business cannot be undermined. The statistical metrics for businesses that have achieved immense growth through the adoption of a business website is absolutely stellar! Businesses set up in unfavorable regions have achieved breakthroughs through the right use of web design strategies.

Why is web design such an essential tool in business?

Below we break down how web design helps businesses grow and thrive.

1. Quality web design provides standardization and brand credibility.

As a registered and credible business, there are certain signatory materials that must be consistent in tools like pamphlets, business cards, logos and letter headed papers. These materials should also be represented on the company website to avoid ambiguity as customers may become uncertain and this would lead to lack of trust.  The uniformity in logo, graphics, colors, and other visual elements helps build confidence in the brand.

2. A website’s navigation tools help guide the customer’s online journey.

Every well-designed website categorizes information by various bars which can easily be navigated to move from one page to the other. The essence of these navigational tools is to provide easy access to information. These tools should be very simple, intuitive and customer friendly; not excessively stylish and complex as this may be too techy for visitors to understand so most of them simply leave. Many businesses lose customers this way.

3. A well-designed website can help potential customers find you on Google.

SEO is one of the most essential ingredients to insure return on investments (ROI). This is why a lot of work goes into this aspect of web design. Search engine optimization ensures that your website improves its rankings on Google, attracting more customers as well as exponential growth in business revenue.  The interesting thing about SEO is that it is specific and intuitive, it projects your business and services selectively to potential clients creating an open channel to reach anyone who is in need of your services.  SEO works with targets, visuals, keywords, content, and competition. Strengthening your website SEO can be carried out on-page and off-page.

4. A responsive web design provides users with a great customer experience across all devices.

Most people spend a better half of their day on their mobile phones and other devices and statistics have recorded that a higher percentage of purchases made online were made through mobile devices. This imposes the need for a responsive web design that can be accessed on any device. This would greatly improve traffic to the website and also customer experience. Here is a tip…The responsiveness of a website is also one of the factors considered by Google in relevance ranking.

Web Design and Content Marketing

Numerous questions have been raised on how web design impacts content marketing. The essence of designing a business website is to showcase your good, and services, or generally to inform, educate, or entertain. We could say that web design promotes content marketing on various levels. Some of the problems businesses encounter in the aspect of content are relevance, structure, quality, quantity, keyword optimization, facts and credibility of sources, internal and external links, and lots more. These data are crawled by the search engine and compared with highly competitive sites using certain variables. All these culminate in improved rankings. Content can always be edited and rewritten to improve SEO and overall quality.

By now you have a good grasp of the importance of web design and why it must be done by an expert. There are tons of companies offering great packages on web design for businesses; however, it is advised that you conduct the necessary research before picking a professional agency.